Center Details

Gainesville, UF Division of Pediatric Nephrology

Head of unit: Dr Vikas Dharnidharka

IPPN Lead investigator: Dr.Vikas Dharnidharka
1600 SW Archer Rd, HD 214
P.O.Box 100296
FL 32610-0 Gainesville

Phone: +001 352-392-4434
Fax: +001 352-392-7107
Renal replacement services offered by center
CAPD (Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis)
APD (Automated Peritoneal Dialysis
Continuous Extracorporeal Techniques

Center statistics
Estimated encatchment in million general population:4.5
Number of CKD patients currently in predialysis care:50
Number of ESRD patients currently on chronic PD:5
Number of ESRD patients currently on chronic hemodialysis:19
Number of ESRD patients currently in post-transplant care:76

Total Number of Patients in Registry: 2
Number of active Patients in Registry: 2
Local IPPN Investigators:
Dr.Vikas Dharnidharka
Dr. Carlos Araya
Michael C. McKinney

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